Jukmiryeong Battle

First battle of the Korean War that the US forces participated

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  • Date:

    Naesammi-dong Osan-si Gyeonggi-do(Jukmiryeong)

    Engaged Forces:
    US 24th Division 21st Regiment 1st Battalion(TF Smith) vs. North Korean 4th Division subordinate, 107 Tank Regiment subordinate

    First battle of the Korean War that the US forces participated

  • When the US 24th division was chose to be first to enter the Korean War, TF Smith started from Busan station at July 1st 20o’clock and arrived at Daejun at July 2nd 8o’clock. This became a big turning point in the united forces of the Korean and US forces. The US ground forces decided to defend the western front from the Seoul-busan national highway, and the Korean forces decided to defend the eastern front.
    TF Smith arrived at July 5th 03o’clock in the morning at Jukmiryeong, and by the orders of battalion commander lieutenant colonel Charles B. Smith, started to defend the road and railway at the same time.
    When the US forces was busy setting up defense positions, the North Korean 4th division was seen advancing southward around Suwon July 5th 07o’clock in the morning. However, unlike what the US troops were expecting, the North Korean attack with the latest tanks in the lead was much stronger that they thought. After observing 8 tanks in the lead at 8o’clock in the morning, the stopped 2 tanks with artillery and rocket launchers, but 33 tanks later broke through the infantry defense positions. Later, combat started between the North Korean and US forces.
    After an hour of combat between both forces, battalion commander Smith decided to retreat. The battalion was to be blockaded, the enemy tanks were about to cut their communications apart, and the weather wasn’t even on their side, which made it difficult to expect air support.
    After leutentant colonel Smith met the artillery battalion commander, they retreated and arrived at Cheonan at July 6th. Some of the troops that didn’t receive retreat orders arrived later at Osan, and scattered away. From this battle, TF Smith, the advance party of the US ground forces, realized that the North Korean forces won’t ‘outdated troops with old guns’. They were surprised by how much the North Korean forces were prepared and trained.

  • The result of the Jukmiryeong Battle, which was the first battle between North Korean and US troops, disappointed and shocked not only the US forces, but also the Korean army. It became a factor of lowering the US morale. However the Korean army and Korean citizens also were very disappointed to the result.
    On the other hand, North Korea quickened their advance to seize South Korea in a whole, after being warned by the US forces appearing much faster than they expected.

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