Gen. Kim Jong Oh

He was division commander of 6th infantry division. When Korean war broke out, He defended central area of Korean peninsula. And he defended and efficiently retreated to south to delay N.korea army’s advance to south. At that time, the commander of N. Korea army got mission to reach Icheon city located at 37th parallel. But because of Gen. Kim’s effective defense made the plan of N.Korea army frustrated. His effective delay defense played great role to bring UN forces to S.Korea. According to military history expert, without his delay, S.Korea would have been under the control of N.Korea before UN Forces joined Korean war. The reason why N. Korea leader, Kim Il sung started war in June, rainy season is that he want to celebrate Korea’s National Liberation Day in Busan located at the most east-southern part of Korean peninsula.

In addition, he made brilliant victory in White Horse battle inside Iron-Triangle zone at the last time of Korea war. At that time, Kim Il sung himself leaded N. Korea army in front to take over Cheolwon plain. After victory of white –horse battle, he was appointed as principal of Korean army officers’ academy. He got promoted as 4-star general and took secretary general of Korean army. He was recognized top 3 hero of Korean war with Gen. Baik.


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