Gen. Paik Seon Yeop

He was representative Korean war hero for Korea war. He was well known to even US army leaders like Mattew B Ridgway, commander in chief of UN forces in Korea war and Gen. Van Fleet, the commander of 8th army that all US soldiers joined in Korea belonged to. He was commander of 1st infantry division. He fought with N.Korean army around Kinpo and Paju area. When Korea war broke out, S.Korea army didn’t have any tanks and even anti-tank guns. So a lot of S.Korea soldiers put their bodied into N.Korea tanks with hand grenades.
Within 1 month, S.Korea gave most of their territory to N.Korea except Busan perimeter named by Gen. Walker, the commander of 8th army controlling all UN forces in Korea war including S.Korea army. The 1st infantry division belonged to 8TH army at that time, and achieved miracle victory in Dabudong battle. He said the soldiers running away, “ shoot me, if I retreat” ‘No way to retreat”

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