Matthew B Ridgway

He turned into Korean war’ situation from inferiority to superiority. He often visited himself first-frontier line for cheering up soldiers. And asked commanders about plan for offensive. The commander who didn’t have offensive plan was dismissed immediately.
And swiftly caught up the weakness of Chinese army. He caught the supply ability of Chinese army is at most 2 weeks. And Chinese soldiers need to carry all their equipment and necessities themselves when they moved. So after 2 weeks offensive, they didn’t have ammunition and food. After Gen. Ridgway caught up Chinese army’s weakness, he changed strategy from First Defense and later Retreat to First Defense & Retreat and Chasing & Annihilation.
This kind of positive and aggressive leader ship made war situation turning. Without his excellent leader ship and insight, UN forces might not get out of the fear mind set against Chinese army. And it would made UN forces leaders think giving up Korean peninsula and retreat to Japan.

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