Ralph Monclar

LTC Monclar was originally 3 star general. But French government decided to dispatch 1 battalion forces to S.Korea at the time of Korea war. So he himself downgraded his status from 3 star general to Lieutenant Colonel to join Korea war. He came to Korea on 29TH Nov in 1950. And from 3rd Jan in 1951 to 11th Feb in 1951, they put into series of re-attack battles named like operation of thunderbolt, Ripper. Specially 4 days From 11th Feb to 14th Feb, they fought against the Chinese army with 23rd regiment of US forces.
This battle was very important to the fate of S.Korea. At that time, UN Forces had plan if they need to retreat 50 km more south, they would give up S,Korea. And would move to Japan. Also, since Chinese army joined Korea war, this, Jipyrongri battle was the first battle which UN forces beat Chinese army. At that time, most of UN Forces had fear to Chinese army because they hide at daytime, enjoyed night attack with blowing mysterious and ghost feel music by oriental flute.

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