Paul Freeman

13th Feb. 1951, the 23rd regiment of 2nd infantry Div. stationed at Jipyeong-ri. The role of 23rd regiment is the bait to lure the Chinese army. Soon, they were surrounded by the Chinese army, 2 infantry divisions’ scale.
Col Paul Freeman, 23rd regiment commander made castle type defense line. Usual defense line is parallel. But if he made defense line straightly, it is almost 11miles long. He thought he could not make 11mile long defense line with 5,000 soldiers. So he made 1 mile long 4 direction defense line.
The offensive of Chinese army kept over 8 times. But Col Freeman could keep the defense line. On the battle, He got wounded by enemy’s bombs flew down to the regiment HQ tent. At last, He beat the Chinese armies 10 times as much as UN forces. Later Col Freeman was promoted as 4-star general and became the commander in chief of US occupation forces in Europe.

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