Van Fleet

Father and son joined Korean war and unfortunately sun Van Fleet dedicated his life for S.Korea’s freedom.
Since he came to S.Korea as commander of 8TH army, he got advise from his staffs, “No chance of winning in this war, we’better retreat to Japan.” He replied to his staffs, I came here for victory. You can go back home now if you don’t want to be with me.” He changed mind set of US staffs. Like Gen, Ridgway Gen. Van Fleet also preferred visiting the first-frontier and talking with soldiers.
Sun Van Fleet joined B-25 pilot. 4th Apr in 1952, around Suncheon area, under the mission, he got shot from enemy’s anti-aircraft guns. In the mail that Captain Van Fleet wrote to his mother after he decided to join Korea war is like the following.
“Dad is fighting for keeping freedom. The time seems to come that I also need to help. Mom, do not pray for me, pls pray for my fellows to fight for freedom.”

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