Phinix Ski Resort

Today, I have been in Phinix Ski resort. It is located at Pyeongchang where is the host city of 2018’s winter olympic.

I hope I will tour with you at that time.

today, I picked up  Singapore family and brought them to Seoul. They only requested pick up and sending service because they are already experts of Korea’s public transportation.

Another Singapore family asked me why there is no bullet train from Seoul to Pyeongchang. because they thought private pick up and sending is too expensive to them. I agree with the family.

Now Korea government is under construction for Bullet train from Seoul to Pyeongchang. If it will be complete, you can reach Pyeongchang within 2 hours from Seoul.

And another tip for saving money is to use shuttle bus from ski resort. the largest travel agency in Korea Hanatour, they run shuttle bus from Seoul Train station to Pyeonchang.

I will post up short video and pictures about Phinix ski resort. anybody have plan pf ski trip to Pyeonchang, Phinix park, Yongpyeong ski resort, pls feel free to reach me.

phinix park1

phinix park2

phinix park2




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