07.Incheon Landing Operation (Chromite) – Private Full Day Tour


South Korea was invaded by North Korea without any prior ultimatum at dawn of June 25, 1950 which was only 2 years after South Korea set up its own unfledged democratic government in the south of 38th parallel.  It’s the breakout of the tragic Korea War between South Korea and North Korea.
North Korean Communist Army supported by USSR defeated the unready S Korean Army so easily and quickly and advanced far down to River Nakdong in southern S Korean in only 1 month time, without facing any substantial resistance from S Korea.  At this last point in time when S Korean totally pushed and fell back having only small part of southern territory left unoccupied, UN decided to participate in Korean War and rushed into Korea and to set up last defend line along River Nakdong.
So the war dragged on along this last defend line for some time for both fighting back and forth, where UN led by US General Douglas MacArthur confidentially plotted and launched Incheon landing operation (Code Name : Chromite) on 15 September 1950 in an attempt to cut off the military logistics line of N Korean army just in the middle line of Korean peninsula and to do an enveloping attack to the N Korean army.
N Korean army, most of which were battling in the southern part of peninsular, were surrounded by UN landing forces and began to retreat and escape to the north before all were wiped out by UN forces.   So UN and S Korean could easily counter attack and advance far north to River Aprok on the border with China.
Success of Incheon landing Operation is so interpreted as the greatest victory in Korean War and more importantly as a tipping point to turn around the whole warfare situation to the advantage of the Allied Forces.  Incheon has tidal waters and so landing at the beaches of Incheon wasn’t an easy decision to take.  N Korean army never expected that ally would land at Incheon.  Great courage, insight and bold heartedness made this the most successful military maneuver even in the world war history.


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This tour goes to this historical landing beaches and battle sites, and also war museum and parts of metropolitan Incheon city.
Tour starts from the downtown Seoul and transfer to Incheon in a comfortable vehicle to visit the now beautiful beaches (Operation Code : Red Beach and Green Beach), where the Allied UN Forces bravely landed against bullets and artillery fires from N Korean army who occupied Incheon.  And then you visit Statue of General Douglas MacArthur and Memorial of Incheon Landing among others.
Then, you will drive along so the beautiful seacoast looking down the sea where landing operation fleets fired.  We trust this visit makes you go back to Korean War and feel as if you witness how landing operation was executed and how big it was at real site.
On route, you will drop by exotic Incheon China Town, the oldest one in Korea, to enjoy their local Chinese food for lunch.  Incheon is located closer to China geographically across Yellow Sea and so many Chinese settled down there from a long time ago.
Then we will drive you along the most beautiful resort beach at Isle Wolmi, which is locally called Santo Monica of Korea.  Here you could see and smell the landing beaches just next to you.  Here are so popular local food boutiques along the coast and you could enjoy some seafood and others before you start driving back to Seoul.

What You can expect

At Landing Museum, you could have a display of light and heavy weaponries used at that operation, scene picture, replica and the way soldiers landing, in addition to the all history telling on the landing operation.

At the beautiful hillside, statue of General Douglas MacArthur still stood gently looking down the sea of Incheon and its stature was embodied in the park which is the first western style park as built in 1888.  You will enjoy strolling here for a while in the beautiful surroundings thinking back on the soldiers and war in 1950 at the footstep of world most historical war site.

China participated in Korean War to back up North Korea as an enemy of the Allies Forces, but Inchon China Town has now become a melting pot where many different cultures, not only Chinese but many other Asian people, living peacefully together.  Please try Korean China Town and their unique foods.

You will step on the Red Beach and Green Beach near Isle Wolmi where the Allied Forces actually landed at that time.  These beaches have been well preserved as history sites.  Here,  you will see through the mind window the those soldiers who were landing amid fierce resistant fires of N Korean army.  You will feel here about great sacrifice and brave fight against the Communist invasion.

Isle Wolmi is one of the popular and romantic destination among the couples in love.  Please have a brief walking along this route as well as touch the landing beach sand.  Wolmi is beautiful as much as it is being called as Santo Monica of Korea.


Pick up from Hotel (08:00h)
Memorial of Incheon Landing Operation (10:00~11:00h)
Statue of General Douglas MacArthur (11:45~12:30h)
Lunch at Incheon China Town (12:30~14:00h)
Landing Beaches (Red Beach and Greed Beach) (14:00~14:30h)
Free Strolling along landing beach at Isle Wolmi (14:30~15:30)
Drop off back in hotel (17:00h)


All entrance fees
Private Guide (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Private Vehicle Transportation
Private Pick-up and Drop-off to and from hotel
Local English-speaking guide

Food and drinks, unless specified
Gratuities (optional)

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