06. Premium Small Group – DMZ Spy Tour + 3rd Tunnel Tour


DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) is very popular tourist destination for many foreign tourists visiting Korea for its uniqueness and unusualness and, as such, we are happy to invite you to our more intriguing, comfortable and DMZ-expert guided Very Small Group DMZ Tour Program, which goes as far as DMZ 3rd Tunnel.
Take this full-day premium-class small group excursion from downtown Seoul up to DMZ, a border that divides North and South Korea
This is an only and unique DMZ tour in Korea in terms of high degree of varieties in number of visiting, stopping and story-telling as well as comforts in travelling and riding in a family-like atmosphere, compared to a typical mass-tour in a big group running along the motorway toward JSA or the 3rdTunnel.
A knowledgeable and entertaining guide starts to escort you along the infiltration route of 31 North Korean commandos, who crept across the world’s most heavily-fortified border and invaded all the way down to the backyard of Blue House, Korean presidential residence – to assassinate then S Korean president.

You travel toward DMZ, en route, visiting Imjingak Peace Park and spotting various evidences of their military infiltration maneuver to finally reach the destination point within DMZ, where they first crashed down the fortified S Korean iron defense fence.
Then, you go inside S Korean DMZ military camp and witness DMZ field itself two steps away from you and further walk up along the DMZ barbed wire fence line together with S Korean DMZ soldiers as if you are also patrolling the DMZ.  You also encounter N Korea DMZ military counterpart post in the short distance from here.  We trust this would be a very real and eye-opening experience and highlight of the day.  Entry is on the invitation basis and we are pleased to invite you here on behalf of S Korean government authority.


Inside DMZ Army Camp

Military Bunker




Military Bunker in DMZ

After this, you are invited to lunch for a unique North Korean-style duck BBQ at a border-near restaurant.
Then, transfer to a DMZ bus to enter the 3rd Tunnel, Dora Rail Station and Dora Observatory to experience more of N Korean’s unrealized ambitions and attempts to invade S Korea.  This steep tunnel is 1635 m long and 2 m wide and designed to move about 30,000 soldiers an hour to S Korea when war would have broken out.
On the way back, you look across river border a North Korea village from N Korea-closest observation post.
We are running this tour with the dedicated efforts of our professional guides who served for Korean and US army in the DMZ area.  So they are so knowledgeable and informative not only on DMZ but also on Korean War and beyond.  You could also touch upon the past and future of this divided country in terms of politics, history and reunification with them.
This tour has been highly appreciated by our clients and also awarded by Seoul Metropolitan City and the state-run Korean Tour Organization (KTO).  Please spare a few minutes to read the reviews left by our clients on TripAdvisor and Viator.  (Please type “DMZ SPY”)
By stepping and walking on real DMZ line and also visiting the 3rd Tunnel, you will grab all about DMZ in one-go and then feel more than enough to understand the situation of the divided Korea as well as the tension between two Koreas in more real term.


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Full day premium-class small-group DMZ tour along the infiltration route of N Korean spy commandos
Visit the site near Blue House where first gun battle took place between NK Commando and Korean counterparts
Experience Imjingak Peace Park
Go inside DMZ S Korean military camp to witness DMZ itself underneath your feet and walk up the barbed wire DMZ fence.  Also witness the historical site of 31 North Korean spy commandos’ stealth infiltration and watch N Korean DMZ military post in the short distance
Enjoy a lunch of barbecued duck, N Korean specialty, upon request, vegetarian meal to be arranged
Stop at S Korean artillery base to see the wartime weaponries
Visit Korean War sites and Memorial
Visit 3rd Infiltration Tunnel and Dora Rail Station/Observatory
Stop at N Korea-closest Observatory Post to look North Korean farming village
Travel over about 200 km round-trip journey to and from Seoul in a comfortable vehicle, listening to the history of divided Korea, war and conflicts from an informative guide

Pick-up in downtown Seoul
Near Blue House in downtown Seoul where first gun battle took place with NK spy commandos
Imjingak Peace Park (military bunker, first battle field in Korean war)
DMZ S Korean Army Camp
4-1. North Korea Spy Commandos’ Infiltration Site
4-2. Walk along DMZ barbed wire fence
4-3. Military Observation Post
4-4. US Army Firing Range
4-5. Land Mine Field
Lunch at a border-near restaurant of North Korean-Style Duck Barbeque, or vegetarian meal
S Korean Army Artillery base
Transfer to a DMZ bus to enter the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, Dora Rail Station and Dora Observatory in DMZ zone
Odusan Observation Post to watch North Korea Civilian Village
Drop-off back to the original departure point in Seoul
What You Can Expect
In the morning, grab your passport and get in a comfortable vehicle that takes you to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that has separated North and South Korea since the Korean War.  Visit the site, where N Korean spy commandos were first discovered and fought with Korean and US combined Special Forces.

This site is just 1 km away from the Blue House, S Korean Presidential residence and so it was a real threat to the President himself and also the security of S Korea as a nation at that time.

En route, your expert guide offers you stories and explanations about this unprecedented assassination attempt and also the continuing conflicts and tensions between two Koreas.  He will answer the questions you may have.

After a stop at Imjingak Peace Park to hand on war artifacts, artillery, military bunker and first battle field and then head to S Korean artillery base for a glimpse of the wartime weaponries.  Observe an authentic M109 Howitzer and the likes and discover how infantry soldiers move the self-propelled armored vehicle each hour.

Next, your guide takes you inside the DMZ S Korean military camp, where 31 North Korean spy commandos destroyed and infiltrated the fortified border fence in 1968.  Then, you confront DMZ field unfolding in front of you and make a short patrolling walk along the real DMZ barbed wire fence line together with S Korean soldiers up to the military watch-out post, during which time you smell and touch real DMZ just a step away.  You also watch N Korean DMZ forefront military position in close proximity.

Behind Fence + Mine Field

It then comes around to feel hungry and so you will be invited to a border-neighbored restaurant, which cooks and serves well a North Korean–style lunch of barbecued duck (vegetarian meals to be arranged upon request).

After lunch, you visit the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel to experience firsthand the evidence of N Korea’s unrealized ambition to invade S Korea in 1978.  It was designed and dug to invade S Korea stealthily underground.  Also stop at Dora Observatory to catch a glimpse of N Korean propaganda village as well as to see as far as Kaesong city in N Korean territory via binocular.

Then take a short trek to Odusan observation point, where you can see a North Korean village just across the river border, while your guide explains the state of N Korean farmers’ life.


Entrance fees for all visiting places
Lunch(BBQ Duck or equivalent)
Local English-speaking guide
Pick-up and drop-off service
Round-trip surface transportation

Gratuities (optional)
Food and drinks, unless specified otherwise

Additional info

Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability
A moderate amount of walking is involved – Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended
Please send a passport copy to us at least 48 hours prior to your travel date
A current valid passport is required on the day of travel
Due to uneven surfaces, this tour is not recommended for those with walking disabilities or using a wheelchair
Sports clothes (including tracksuits), military clothing, oversized clothing, sheer clothing, sleeveless shirts/tops, tank tops, and flip flops and similar sandals are specifically banned
Your reservation will be canceled automatically if your passport copy is not received on time
Please do not consume alcoholic beverages before the tour
Please follow the instructions of your tour guide on when and where to take photos
If a part of tour itinerary is canceled by unexpected military conditions at DMZ area, there will be no refund for this part
Please be sure to reconfirm you reservation on the day before the tour as there can be schedule adjustments made due to the sudden scheduling of meetings, military training or VIP visits
Please check the restricted countries for this tour: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria

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